The Well Adjusted Gamer podcast is a video game podcast focused on the behind the scenes art and development of video games! Look forward to special guests and great interviews meant to inspire potential developers and gamers alike.


Man, it’s already been a year since my last episode? WOW! This unplanned hiatus will continue for the foreseeable future unfortunately… I kind of ran out of gas for this project, got out of my system what needed getting, and was able to walk away satisfied with the work I had done.

I’m still podcasting, with ACPnet.net, so check that out! But I’m really trying to refocus on what will carry me through life, financially, and in self-fulfillment, so all of my free time will be spent chasing the VO/Film/ETC dream, rather than the WAG… It was a fun experience, and will return in some capacity eventually, but it’s dead for now!

See you somewhere, soon.