The Well Adjusted Gamer podcast is a video game podcast focused on the behind the scenes art and development of video games! Look forward to special guests and great interviews meant to inspire potential developers and gamers alike.

Episode 028 - Hanging with Andrew Hair

I'm back from the holidays and ready to face 2018 head on! It's been a rough few weeks having had a dumb cough thing that just won't go away, but I'm finally back into the groove!

This week I run through some cool info about the Portland Indie Game Squad, the Ground Kontrol Mario Kart 64 tournament, and just what the hell I've been playing lately. After all of that fun, I share a conversation I had with Mr Andrew Hair, a software developer who has been in and around the video game industry for ten years. He shares his experiences, inspirations, and insight on what it's really like to make big budget titles for larger scale developers, and surprise; it's not all sunshine and rainbows!

Links, links, links! Pigsquad.com will get you up to speed with the Portland Indie Game Squad, Ground Kontrol's website and Facebook pages will show you the way to awesome arcade action, and Andrew is active on Twitter @AndrewHair.

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