The Well Adjusted Gamer podcast is a video game podcast focused on the behind the scenes art and development of video games! Look forward to special guests and great interviews meant to inspire potential developers and gamers alike.

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to The Well Adjusted Gamer Podcast! Produced in association with funemploymentradio, our podcast typically covers a little bit of game industry news and gameplay experiences, followed by an interview with a member of the world of video game development!

The Well Adjusted Gamer podcast is a nerdy podcast made for gamers, by gamers, with the goal of sharing fun conversations about modern and retro gaming, nerd culture, movies, TV, and music. 

The show also features conversations with local industry folks who are in the business of designing and promoting video games in this modern gaming renaissance.

This behind the scenes look at the video game industry will help spark and inform any gamers out there who may be considering a career in games, or just an have interest in what goes into building the games we love!